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Welcome to Campus Recreation. Contact us at 831-5369!

Sport Registrations

Upcoming Registrations
Sport Start Date Actions
Co-Ed Dodgeball 08/25 08:00 AM Schedules
Co-Ed Outdoor 3v3 Volleyball Tournament 08/25 08:00 AM
Men's And Women's Softball 08/25 08:00 AM Schedules
Disc Golf Tournament 08/25 08:00 AM
Men's and Women's Flag Football 08/25 08:00 AM Schedules
Paintball Tournament 08/25 08:00 AM
Dodgeball Tournament 09/01 08:00 AM
Men's and Women's Tennis Doubles Tournament 09/01 08:00 AM
Men's and Women's Tennis Singles Tournament 09/01 08:00 AM
Midnight Glow Run 09/01 08:00 AM
Home Run Derby 09/15 08:00 AM
Men's And Women's 4v4 Flag Football Tournament 09/22 08:00 AM
Punt, Pass & Kick 09/22 08:00 AM
Co-Ed 4v4 Basketball 09/29 08:00 AM Schedules
Coed Volleyball 09/29 08:00 AM Schedules
Men's and Women's Soccer 09/29 08:00 AM Schedules
3v3 Arena Football Tournament 10/06 08:00 AM
5K Run by the River 10/11 08:00 AM
4v4 Co-Ed Basketball Tournament 11/03 08:00 AM
Table Tennis Tournament 11/03 08:00 AM
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IMOnline Registration

Welcome to Campus Recreation! Contact us at 831-5369 if you have any questions! 4v4 Basketball Captains Meeting is Wednesday, January 29th at 5pm in the Heth Room 22. The $15 dollar registration fee will be due at the captains meeting. If you are not in attendance or a participant from your team your team will forfeit from the league and a team from the waiting list will be put in your teams spot.

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